To become a Department known for academic excellence, highly dynamic staff and a corporate outlook that serves as a world-class centre for research and training of accounting professionals and academics for Nigerian corporate environment and beyond.


  1. To produce high quality graduates with the highest level of professionalism, and academic astuteness capable of meeting the changing needs and challenges of the Nigerian environment
  2. To develop quality human resource capacities and leaders through the provision of world class management education and relevant cutting edge research to meet national and global development needs
  3. To train high level manpower with ICT competences that can cope with the challenges of globalization especially within the Accounting space.


  1. To provide students with adequate academic accounting knowledge that will enable them to work and compete favourably with their counterparts in the leading Nigerian universities and those of developed countries.
  2. To equip students with analytical skills and approaches to evaluate and address the economic and market challenges in Nigeria
  3. To promote and stimulate students' embryonic entrepreneurial abilities and equip them with the requisite analytical resources and skills to turn them into active entrepreneurs.
  4. To strengthen the student’s ability to prepare and report on various users requirement using the General Purpose Financial Statement (GPFS).
  5. To improve the student’s awareness, expertise in using world class computer-based accounting instruments and applications.
  6. To build research capacity as well as break new grounds, marrying academics and practice appropriately.