Our aim in the Department of Accounting is to deliver real world business solutions in a rapidly evolving global environment and to teach the student to be a leader. Empowered with real skills and attuned to a global marketplace, the student will be equipped to make strategic contributions in the management of firms and in the larger society.

The B.Sc. Accounting programme of the University has gained accreditation status of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). This means our Accounting students on graduation will only write the skill and professional level of the ICAN examinations in order to qualify as Chartered Accountants. The Department runs both full-time and top-up academic programmes at undergraduate levels. Given the universality of the subject and the high demand for accounting personnel at all levels, it is not surprising that Accounting remains the first programme of choice for all students at all levels since the inception of Anchor University.

  1. Experienced faculty: Our faculty members have vast and varied experience in industry.
  2. Real learning: Our curriculum, developed in close collaboration with industry experts, is targeted at meeting industry needs as well as achieving high academic standards.
  3. Professional qualification: In addition to the B.Sc. degree, interested students can register and prepare for the professional qualification of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) through the ATSWA route. Success at ATSWA examinations of ICAN will speed up the process of qualifying an individual as a chartered accountant before graduation or shortly after graduation.
  4. ICAN Accreditation: The accreditation is a licence that the students will leverage to gain SUBJECT EXEMPTIONS when writing the ICAN professional examinations. Other offshore accounting professional bodies [such as ACCA (UK), ICAEW (England & Wales), CIMA] mostly rely on ICAN accreditation before granting subject exemptions for their examinations. The difference between ICAN accredited institutions and non-ICAN accredited institutions is quite significant in terms of length of time spent to become a professional accountant and the associated cost.
  5. Ideal location: Our campus is located at the commercial centre of Lagos (the fourth largest economy in Africa)