The philosophy of the Department is designed to instil in the students the necessary analytical tools in the study of History and International studies. It is the study of the dynamics of societies and the international environment in which they exist.

It seeks to understand the processes of international life and the trajectory of its development, and how it impacts on societies. It also studies the institutions i.e UN, AU, etc and the legal framework that have been introduced to strengthen the effectiveness of the diplomatic engagements among the members of the international community of states.


The vision of the Department is to serve as a world class academic nucleus that will produce graduates of history with robust analytical and independent judgement to conduct research publications, and supervision of students who are groom to cultivate profound analytical skills and critical sense of judgement to solve societal and global problems after graduation.


The mission of the Department among others is to inculcate in the students a sound knowledge of Nigerian, African and world history and diplomacy. More importantly to recruit top scholars for the sustenance of academic excellence through vigorous pedagogy, research publication and supervision of students who are groomed to cultivate profound analytical skills and critical sense of judgement.


The major objective of the academic programme of the Department of History and International Studies is to give students a thorough understanding of Nigerian and African History, international relations and diplomacy. By so doing, students will acquire the skills to critically and rigorously analyse local and global historical events that have shaped the lives of men and society, including the debates in international relations and politics among nations.