AUL was established not only to focus on academic learning and excellence, but to harp on character development and mitigate the tide of moral degradation and delinquency that pervades our national life. The philosophy of Anchor University is the one that realises that the light of knowledge illuminates the mind, liberates the man and upgrades human qualities, faculties and professional skills that result in discernable impact on all areas of human endeavour. It believes in the power of education to create social and economic mobility and in the morality of social value making higher education accessible to everyone.


“To be a citadel of learning for holistic human transformation and development”.

Explanatory notes on the vision: ANCHOR is poised to prepare students for academic excellence with requisite training in the acquisition of moral, social, physical and entrepreneurial skills, among others, here referred to as a holistic human transformation and development.


“To impart the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills that would enable the graduate become self-reliant practitioners, leaders with godly integrity and researchers with global relevance”.

Godliness, Excellence, Transparency, Competence, Courage, Dependability, Resourcefulness

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