Anchor University Classes Go Virtual as Students Begin Online Sessions

In a bid to ensure that the global disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic does not significantly impede students’ programmes, the Management of Anchor University has approved the commencement of virtual classes for all students of the University.

The information was recently announced by the Management and many students have already joined the online sessions. Classes for the semester officially started on Monday, 20 April 2020 after students received their login accesses and invitations to class over the weekend.

Earlier, while speaking about the possibilities of online classes, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Afolayan J.O had suggested that should the lockdown become prolong, the University would have to administer classes online. “We didn’t plan for classes outside of the University campus before the lockdown order as the University had concluded the first semester and students had gone on semester break. However, we will continue to observe the developments and may revert to online classes if the need arises,” he said while discussing the possibility of classes going virtual after the lockdown.

Expectedly, students received the information with excitement. According to Adekoya Ayomide, a 300 level student of Accounting, the online session is a welcome development: “I’m happy about this development and I look forward to taking my classes online. For this, I am happy that I’m a student of Anchor University because I used to think this kind of experience is only possible in European countries. I can’t wait to be a part of the session.”

Another student, Lawal Emmanuel, a 400 level student of Political Science, also gave his views. “My own concern is the attitude of the students to the sessions and the quality of information to be given by lecturers. If students are serious about the classes, considering that there would be distractions around and lecturers provide good quality visuals, it’s going to be as good as traditional classrooms. The best part is, we will maintain the required distance while still having our classes.”

However, a couple of students expressed fears and concerns for the sessions. According to Eshiet Abigail and Nkama Ugochi, 400 level students of Business Administration and Accounting repetitively, the sessions will also come with their stress and challenges, but we are happy that this will keep us busy and remove the possible delays in our academic progress.

Finally, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof Fatokun, J.O expressed confidence that the classes would be seamless and productive as activities get busy across different departments.

“The truth is there are many challenges to having seamless virtual classes due to poor infrastructure across the nation but those cannot stop us from going ahead. I know there will be a couple of hitches as we commence but as classes continue both students and lecturers will adjust and we will have very productive sessions learning online. We are also very confident of robust interactive sessions between lecturers and students as we are deploy the newly developed video component of Google classroom, Meet link, in our online classes," he said.
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