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Faculty Of Natural And Applied Sciences

Welcome to Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Meet the Dean


Professor Johnson O. FATOKUN
Dean, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences


Vision Of The Faculty

The vision of the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences at the Anchor University, Lagos is to be the science faculty of choice on the African continent for:

  • Students and alumni who value a comprehensive and life-enriching training in basic and applicable science education,
  • Faculty and staff members pursuing excellence and innovation in teaching, service and research in a diverse environment.
  • Individuals and organizations seeking partnerships with the University’s scientific and technological community

Mission Of The Faculty

Our mission to create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge to problem solving. We innovate and excel in teaching and research so as to advance the goals of the University and the development of society.

Presently, there are four Departments and seven four-year degree programmes in the Faculty:

The drive of the Faculty is to grow in no distant time offering more qualifications in the areas of Industrial Chemistry, Physics with Electronics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Statistics, Geology, Geophysics and Science Education

Our well –trained and qualified faculty members use cutting edge technology to diligently disseminate the knowledge in their varied disciplines to impart professionalism and hands on experiences into our students. All these are blended with the holistic development of the total man with character, competence and courage.

To achieve our lofty and ambitious dream of becoming a Science Faculty of first choice, the Faculty is already into partnership with some Universities in America, Europe and Asia leading to the establishment of the following:

  • Anchor University Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Science and Data Analysis (AULISSDA) in collaboration with LISA2020 of the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Anchor Demonstration Centre for Space Physics in partnership with the Indian Centre for Space Physics (ICSP), Kolkata India.
  • Other Memorandum of Understanding still underway with University of applied Sciences, Dresden, Germany, etc.

Our academic programmes are highly regarded and will provide you with an excellent intellectual and practical platform for a successful personal and professional life anywhere in the world. Many career choices are available to our degree graduates. We are confident that you will be excited by the range and depth of the degree programmes offered in this Faculty.

Thank you.

Professor Johnson O. FATOKUN
Dean of Faculty