Dear student,

I welcome you to the Department of Earth Sciences! As you are commencing the journey into your undergraduate programmes in Earth sciences, it is important that you are acquainted with the Department. There is handbook in the Department which has been prepared to help you answer many questions you may have about the Department and our programmes (B.Sc. Geology and B.Sc. Applied Geophysics). We would be glad to work with you during your undergraduate career, and sincerely hope that the time you will spend with us will be thoroughly enjoyable and highly productive.

Earth science is the study of the Earth's structure, properties, processes, and four and a half billion years of biotic evolution. Understanding these phenomena is essential to maintenance of life on the planet. The expanding world population demands more resources; faces increasing losses from natural hazards; and releases more pollutants to the air, water, and land. Sustaining our existence requires scientific understanding of the natural materials and processes linking the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Life prospers or fails at the surface of the Earth where these environments intersect. Therefore, Geology and Applied Geophysics provides the scientific understanding of Earth’s surface and subsurface for the purpose of exploring and exploiting the natural resources deposited in the subsurface for economic development.

Graduates leave the program with the knowledge and creative thinking skills required for graduate studies or a career in industry, research, government and academia. You’ll receive a thorough foundation in all branches of Earth sciences, including Environmental Geology/Geophysics, Engineering Geology/Geophysics, Hydrogeophysics/Hydrogeology, and Petroleum Geology/Geophysics. Finally, the course structures are prepared to meet the minimum academic standards for undergraduate programmes of National Universities Commission (NUC). We also ensure that students are exposed to the practical applications of Earth sciences through field course experiences during field courses and Students Industrial Works Experience Scheme (SIWES). We wish you every success in your studies and an enjoyable time at the Department of Earth Sciences, Anchor University Lagos.

Dr. Emmanuel S. Joel