• Professor Fatokun K. V.

A Welcome address by the dean of the faculty

I welcome you to the Faculty of Pure, Applied and Health Sciences, Anchor University, Lagos. The vision of the faculty is to be a choice on the African continent for:
• Students and Alumni who value a comprehensive and life-enriching science, technology and educational knowledge.
• Faculty members pursuing excellence and innovation in teaching, research and services both locally and globally through our well-equipped laboratories and other instructional facilities.
• Individuals and organizations seeking partnerships with the scientific and technological community.

It is our mission to create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge. Hence, we strive for excellence in teaching and research so as to advance the goals of our world class ICT – driven University in the development of our society.

Curricula are prepared in line with the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards for Undergraduate Programmes of National Universities Commission (NUC), with the inclusion of other complementary courses. Our students are exposed to real life experiences and practical applications of content learnt through their field (course) work, Students Industrial Work Experiences (SIWES) and Teaching Practice, which are part of their instructional engagements in the various departments.


The areas of research in the faculty are tailored majorly towards life, physical and educational sciences, in order to keep abreast with curricular reforms and innovative uses of research outcomes for technological advancement. We are committed to opening students' minds to the beauty and utility of scientific knowledge in solving human problems through conducting research in their respective areas of expertise. More so, our programmes can prepare students for employment in industries, research institutes, government agencies, educational institutions, as well as equip them for postgraduate studies.