We welcome you to the Department of Mathematical Sciences of Anchor University, Lagos. The Department is committed to raising recognised leaders with competitive and innovative advantages in Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics. This goal is to be achieved by aligning strategically with the university mission’s to impact necessary knowledge, attitude and skills that will enable our graduates become self-reliant practitioners, leaders with godly integrity and researchers with global relevance. The Department of Mathematical Sciences is focused on trend-setting multidisciplinary research which covers diverse research areas and attracts national, regional and international recognition. The Department is renowned for innovative research and academic standard that is oriented toward solving national, regional and global problems using Information Technology and Mathematical principles as an enabler of societal digital transformation.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers academic programmes in pursuance of a bachelor degree in various specialisations in Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics. The design and delivery of these programmes are guided by educational research and best practices and are governed by values of inclusivity and access for the community we serve. The department instills the knowledge and skills necessary for students to lead and innovate across industries in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Building on the university's exceptional foundation of entrepreneurship, technological innovation and cooperative education, the department provides unparalleled professional experiences and the on-the-job training that is vital to preparing today's students for tomorrow's world. The department is committed to keeping up with the rapid changes and evolution of technology in order to produce high quality and standard graduates for the information technology sector.

Our curriculum aims at training a new generation of graduates who would be capable of proffering computational solutions to business, scientific, commercial and social problems through the use of the Information Technology (IT) and Mathematical tools, methods and principles. Our programme will expectedly empower the graduates to be able to go for further and advanced studies and research in Nigeria and abroad.