Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences. The Department contributes to the vision and mission of the University in training undergraduate and graduate students with requisite skills needed for position in the industry, health sector, and research institute and to prepare them for graduate and professional studies in the applied areas of Biology, Biotechnology and microbiology.

The Department offers courses in all major fields of Biological Sciences. Each programmes in the Department offers the core courses in Biology and Microbiology and students have the opportunity to take electives courses from other related fields for better understanding of their area of specialisation. The programmes in the Department have been designed to provide students with a broad and balanced foundation in life sciences that can lead to fulfilling their careers.

Current research focus includes Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Stress Physiology (high and low temperature, salinity and flooding stress, molecular and physiological characterisation of plant response to stress) synthesis of nanomaterials for specific application, Cellular Parasitology, Environmental Microbiology and Public Health. The department offers degree programmes leading to the award of B.Sc. in Biology and Microbiology. All academic and technical staff of the Department are well qualified, accomplished and experienced scientist who are committed to impart quality education on students.

The Department is well-equipped with standard laboratory and research materials.