Anchor University Lagos Raising young men and women who are academically sound and spiritually vibrant for national and global transformation. DISCOVER MORE 2020 Admission Applications are invited for suitably qualified candidates who sat for this year Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) ... READ MORE & APPLY Well Equipped Laboratories We innovate and excel in teaching and research in order to advance the goals of the university DISCOVER MORE Education Beyond the Classroom If you believe in a type of education that goes beyond giving only head knowledge, a kind of learning that transforms the mind and re-orients in totality then you are in the right place DISCOVER MORE Well Equipped Library Our library is a treasure house of knowledge and also has a modern and well sophisticated E-library, which connects students to different books sources online... DISCOVER MORE Raising Spiritually Vibrant students We will raise men and and women who will standout anywhere and everywhere. Beyond this, they would be primed to reflect outstanding spiritual prowess wherever they go. DISCOVER MORE Space, Atmospheric physics space, Atmospheric physics and radio wave propagation library. DISCOVER MORE SEVEN7 BUSINESS See things in the present,
even if they are in the future.
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