I am very pleased to welcome you to the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Humanites, Social and Management Sciences, Anchor University Lagos. This University, which is vision-birthed by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, is poised to offer a holistic education that is geared towards human transformation and development. Armed with this same vision, the Department of Economics that started with the University in the year 2017 is determined towards providing all students with the requisite knowledge for a strong foundation in the Economic sciences in general and the specialised knowledge required for excellence in their specific sub-fields, in particular.

The major aim is the transformation of students' thinking process towards the provision of optimal possible solutions to the bogging socio-economic problems facing the black race. The University in general, and the Department of Economics in particular, is committed to the creation of new knowledge, thereby, pushing the boundaries of existing body of knowledge in an environment that is very conducive to learning/teaching processes, by students and faculty members.

The teaching/learning process in Anchor University is learner-focussed. Teachers are verified experts in their respective sub-disciplines of Economics, and are committed to the development of their students' capacity for impacting the developmental future of the global economy, beginning with the African continent. For instance, our curriculum is geared towards raising young men and women who are academically sound and spiritually vibrant for national and global transformation. We raise men who stand out anywhere and everywhere. Beyond this, we are committed to raising a people with outstanding spiritual soundness, people who are solution providers, expert thinkers, as well as entrepreneurially-minded graduates who are job creators and not job seekers.

As a Department in a faith-based University, the Department of Economics of Anchor University, promotes the cultivation of competence with integrity, courage with godly character and exceptional passion for social and intellectual development in a rapidly globalising world.

Once again, I wholeheartedly welcome you to the Department of Economics of Anchor University, Lagos, and I am confident that you will have a unique experience that will make you an agent of positive change that the Almighty God has created you to be before the foundation of the world.


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