The vision of the Department aligns with that of Anchor University, which seeks to be a citadel of learning for holistic human transformation and development. Our mission, in consonance with that of the University, is to impart the necessary Economic knowledge, attitude and skills that would enable the graduates become self-reliant practitioners, leaders with godly integrity and researchers with global relevance.

The Department of Economics runs a BSc. Degree programme in Economics. The philosophy of the department focuses on the production of graduates morally upright and, fully equipped with appropriate toolkit to serve the nation and global community at large. The fundamental and broad knowledge of the field of Economics will enhance the graduate’s self-reliance and ability to contribute in solving socio-economic problem of man and the society.


Objectives of the programme are:

  1. To equip students with adequate academic knowledge in Economics which will enable them to function and compete well with their counterparts in the leading Nigerian Universities and those of the developed countries.
  2. To provide students with analytical skills and techniques for analyzing and solving the Nigerian economic problems.
  3. To activate and stimulate the latent entrepreneurial talents in students, and equip them with the necessary analytical tools and skills, that will transform them to successful entrepreneurs capable of setting up their own businesses.
  4. And to develop students’ ability to reason, analyse, comprehend, evaluate, synthesise and contribute to solving national and global socio-economic and financial problems.