In line with the University’s philosophy to train the total man to face the challenges in a dynamic world, thus subduing the world in obedience to his creator. The Department is committed to promote effective teaching; learning and research to produce graduates who will use their acquired knowledge on biology to solve the world’s social, economic and ecological problems. The Department intends to produce graduates, who would become globally relevant in the industry, academia and government. We will play an active role to help foster a more entrepreneurial mind among students. The Department will make significant contributions to the advancement of the researches in the several areas of Biological Sciences.

The programmes in the Department have been structured to provide students with a broad and balanced foundation in life sciences that can lead to fulfilling their careers. The Department provides our undergraduate students with requisite skills needed for position in the industry, health sector, and research institute and to prepare them for postgraduate and professional studies in the applied areas of Biology, Biotechnology and Microbiology. The programmes in the Department offer the students great opportunities to work in the academia, industry and government research establishments. Our students have a unique opportunity to obtain a valuable education in a relevant and exciting scientific area that connects with multiple scientific disciplines