The vision of the Department is to become a world class Languages and Linguistics Department that will produce graduates of English, French and linguistics with robust analytical minds to conduct research, deliver community service and contribute resourcefully to meet national and global needs.


The mission of the Department is to inculcate in the students sound knowledge of English, French and linguistics and to conduct research within the arms of character, competence and courage in our competitive world.


The objectives of the academic programme of the Department of Languages and Linguistics are;

  • to train students to acquire requisite competence in Languages and Linguistics and its application to various sectors of the society.
  • to guide students to critically and rigorously analyse ‘glocal’ language and linguistic events that have shaped and dominated societies over the ages in all ramifications of human endeavours.
  • to enable students demonstrate mastery of languages and linguistics in different professional domains for self-expression and self-actualisation.
  • to produce students who are highly sensitized to creative writing thereby ensuring that the nation has a reservoir of future literary writers.
  • to stimulate the students’ interest in postgraduate studies in the various programmes in the department.
  • Summarily, the department provides a leeway to explore human experience and to influence the students to relate language and linguistics with the social environment.